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Demonology 101 by ianuae Demonology 101 by ianuae
Due to popular demand, we have decided to embark on a series in which we explore different aspects of the world in which Ianua is set.

Our first task was to describe the world view of demons.

Grimsby will be our guide through this series. Please feel free to comment with questions pertaining to the current image or request other information.


Now, let me turn it over to "Professor" Grimsby.

"The study of summons has progressed in recent years. Those involved in the debate cite concerns which range from pure academic curiousity to providing a concise legislative framework as their inspiration. This system of classification has been widely accepted but by no means fully agreed upon by the community at large. There are shades of these creatures from what our records and personal experience have provided which fall inbetween the accepted categories. However, it is my belief that the following system can be utilized by learned and lay men alike.

Building upon formative studies attributed to philosophers from the Ancient Empire, it wasn't until the Age of Illumination that the seeds of current studies were planted. Names and records were accumluated but there were a lot of fasilfied and fantastical reports which marred cohesion. Nevertheless, important documents made at the advent of the period echo in descriptions of lesser Jinn and even in structure of the three spheres.

But, I digress from the task at hand.

There are three spheres or groupings of demons which are futher divided into three sub-categories a piece, making 9 in total. Both sets and subsets were determined based on basic attributes although three commonalities stand out about the rest: level of cognizance, ability to influence, and a ratio of level of violence to their ability to be repelled by the average citizen.

The first sphere belongs to mischevious spirits, familiars, imps, and golems They are the easiest to summon and are capable of menial tasks. There has been no demonstrated ability to speak although they are able to process commands.

The second sphere belong to creatures more powerful that the former group: succubi, drudes, and jinn. However, they seem to specialize in an area of magical arts. Studies on these groups are extremely rare and many cases are purely annecdotal. The crown and court have declared that no practioner of the summoning arts may call upon them unless due cause is present or a special permit is requested.

The third sphere is populated by creatures with power that is almost unmeasurable: Allu, daemons, and archdaemons. There have been a few differences noticed in the history of summoning which have afforded us the ability to make three sub-groups. The power to call forth these beings is limited to the most accomplished and talented of summoners as they extremely deadly. The crown has restricted rights to contract with one for safety of the realm. Their continued use is at the benefit of kingdom and not personal gain. However, there is an undeniable trend of perceiving these beings as symbols of rank and class. "
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Itsukiart Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
reminds me how much different views of demons different cultures have. 
like japanese have those trolls (my translation fails alot)
and here in finland we worship demons before Christianity come here and turn our old believes into demons.
tho there is always being Tursas, god of war and disease demon, I have always imagined look something like Cthulhu, but Im not sure what he looks like when there is only artifacts called Tursaansydän (heart of Tursas) its made from arrows or squares that create swastika on the middle. tho we have other demon like creatures but they are usually just called monster with out connection to bigger evil such as satan is.
mechanimator Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012  Student General Artist
sweet!!!!!!! most favorite of all demonology is succubus, I just love them...
And I dont' think golems belong to any demonology... By the way, where are the four horsemen? those four are the most awesome of all!!!
ArCatiel Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2011
These designs for demons are so creative and wonderful~ I love them.

Grimsby, y u so smart.
tarorae Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2011  Professional General Artist
Okay, this is fantastic, thank you!

Also, I have a question from the peanut gallery:

Ahd'ar'ohk wishes to know:
"Is the summoning of Demons an inherent skill - based on personal aptitude or familial bloodline - or is it a learned skill?

If the prior, are different types of people more in tune with certain types or spheres of Daemons, with connections to individual examples of that race? That is to say, when one summons - say a Jinn - is he summoning the same member each time, developing an ease or rapport with that creature? Or is it a random specimen of that type of Daemon whose skills are the only thing that remains constant?

If the latter, is the teaching restricted to those of a certain social class, economic basis or legal profession? Is the act of summoning regulated by a government, guild or monarchy? Does summoning play a part in international affairs, a sort of national clout of which country possesses the more skilled summoners? How severely are those who summon against regulation punished?

Also, when one summons a daemon, is it controlled through means of will, or through runic constraints, or through command? If command, does the practitioner learn or instinctively pick up the daemonic tongue, or can they summon using their own language? If they use language in any form, can it not be said that the Daemons do possess some form of communication, even if the lesser spheres are not prone to dialogue?"

Er, he's my greatest Mage, so he tends to relish this sort of conversation. ^^;
ianuae Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2011
Thanks for the questions! These will actually make fantastic topics for upcoming installments of Grimsby's Guide. However, I will take the time to answer them now rather than make you wait. Besides, this may generate even more fantastic questions for later.

So, without further ado, I shall have Grimsby respond:
"The summoning arts along with the magikal arts are an inherent skill based on personal aptitude. However, while magickal ability can be strengthed with learning, the ability to summon cannot. My generous estimate is about 15%-20% of the population has the the summoning ability (Also of interest: 5% of the population is believed to be devoid of magickal abilities). It has been noted that summoners are of higher magickal performance levels. While studies have not been completed, scholars believe there is some tie between bloodline and summoning skill.

As previously stated, certain spheres prove to be less difficult to summon than others. With the proper spell, the basic of summoners can bring forth an imp. This difficulty increases in sphere 2 and even more so in sphere 3. There are only 23 summoners with crown-granted permits for daemons. Of course, illegal summons are not accounted for. Sphere 3 requires great skill and knowledge of the name of the daemon. These names have been recorded in ancient tomes and have been passed down by the keepers of these names. Daemons are rarely summoned for one task but are rather kept on in a lifelong contract. No names are required for the creatures in spheres 1 and 2. This is often because the creature lack the ability to provide the summoner with their name. A noted difference between these two spheres is that sphere 2 requires more difficult spellwork in order to summon the proper creature. Many a spellworker has been disappointed when trying to summon a water jinn and recieving its firey counterpart instead. Because of their wild nature it is often discouraged to keep these spirits around for long periods of time. It is not unheard of and recently many families and laborers have been "employing" imps at home or in the workplace.

I could write an entire article on the magickal and summoning arts and its influence in the structure of our political and social systems. Actually, I think I will. The same goes for international affairs. ((OOC: Both will play a huge role in some of the conflict at the heart of the story, I could go on for a while but I will leave you with something smaller.)) I will keep this as brief as I can. The court and crown has assumed the highest authority when it comes to the summoning arts. There are several lawbooks on the matter although there are a series of basic tenants that I can provide you with at a later date. I like to think of them as just plain common sense. Punishment ranges from fines, incarceration, banishment, and even death when these laws are broken. It is to protect the safety and sanctity of the realm. The kingdom relations with the nations of the world is on rather good standing, or so I would like to believe. The Holy See has been a source of some conflict for at least a generation now but our diplomats are doing their best to work things out. Moreover, our workings in the Orient are proving to be most fruitful.

Your point regarding the forms of communication for the creatures is incredibly thought provoking and I will bring it up at my next academic conference. However, there has been no recorded daemonic tongue. Imps have been noted to chitter amongst themselves, but it is deemed no different that prattle between squirrels in the trees. Practioners of the summoning arts use spells in both archaic and modern tongues. The creatures ability to respond to the spellworkers command has been a mystery yet to be unravelled. "
tarorae Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011  Professional General Artist
I'm going to try to reign in Ahd'ar'ohk's discussion of his own homeworld as much as possible so as not to sidetrack...

"For those with no 'magickal' ability, as you call it: would this be considered some sort of deformity of the spirit? A blight or malformation, perhaps? Or is it more tied to creed or belief? The Lisdanese here are also incapable of magic at a genetic level - though their philosophy and lack of religion is largely tied to the blatant denial of the existence of a very-real presence of magic in the world. However, there are those seldom few who believe so strongly in the power of Manna that they actually manage to transcend their racial limitations to tap into the Weave and Husk around them. They are still pitifully weak compared to naturally skilled casters, but they obtain the ability to cast through great study and intense focus. Perhaps similar mind-sets inhibit the 'magickally' barren of your world?

Ah! Are these Spheres physical places of existence? If so, are they facets of your home planet composed of different elemental components or are they in different levels of reality? If not, are they a separate 'world' the Summoners are bridging in their arts? It would make sense that the more difficult spheres to reach are (regardless of their composition) more distant and therefore more challenging to connect with. There are twenty-one Realms here... Is it possible for your Summoners to send themselves to any of these Spheres, or be unintentionally pulled through in a failed casting or in conflict with a strong-willed Daemon?

When bringing these Daemons through, is there a measurable impact on your world from their presence? Does their arrival weaken the boundaries between spheres in a temporary or permanent capacity? Once a specific Daemon has been pulled through, are its chances of returning made easier by the number of passings between worlds? Are the environmental aspects of the Spheres compatible with your world's - in that, do some types of Daemons, for instance the Core Elements, suffer by being pulled out of their native environs? When on your plane, do they have a latent connection with their native elemental sources - for instance, a Fire Jinn would be able to interact with or manipulate the flames of a nearby lantern, etcetera?

Those Daemons that are employed, are they compensated or otherwise paid? Are there mortal groups concerned with governing their rights, or a similar governing body in their own Spheres? On that tangent, are there diplomatic or governing bodies in the Spheres? Are the different types seen as species or merely patterned manifestations, is there any discernible hierarchy between the different types? It sounds as though the higher Spheres have higher intelligence and therefore personalities... Have there been recorded dialogues with them in regards to the Spheres or at least their impressions on servitude in your world?

I would greatly like to read any texts you could provide me on the subject. I am ever trying to expand my knowledge of magical practices and systems. In many ways there are parallels and similarities with my own world's systems, but much of how things are conducted for you are seen only in microcosms here. It is intriguing to try to expand them to such a scale and see how they would play out. I would like to continue to compare worlds, if you have the time, sir."
kurimuson Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2011
8DDD I love the different types of demons!
Their designs are all so unique!
I really love the design for the drudes and golem.c:
& I'm ever so curious of what the archdemon's design would look like! 83
Rosiana Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2011
THIS makes me so HAPPY TO SEE<33

This entire layout is amazing! I love it SOOO MUCH *A*
ianuae Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2011
Haha, there's a lot more information too but we'll release that later.
Korhann Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2011  Student General Artist
oneoftwo Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2011
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